A house blue print is not just a roll of paper for your builder to execute. It should tell a story of your family with personality, and practical design. In our first meeting we sit with you and your family and get to know your dreams, must haves, and find out what makes y'all run smoothly day to day! We listen closely to your vision and help guide you along.


This is where we bring your dream to life and tell your story. With Michelle's 20 years experience and her teams passion for design, we start collaborating your family's home and putting all the pieces together.


In this meeting we walk you through a thoughtful design that was put together through your initial vision. We guide you through the house plan preliminary design with furniture placement and solutions to your families needs, wants, and personality. In this, we work together to fine tune your new home!

Dedicated Team

The home should be a reflection of you and your family and our team is dedicated and passionate about it. We love working with our families and are always available to reconsider design decisions to better suite your family.

It's in the Details

This is where lines come to life. In this phase we guide you through cabinet layout design, lighting and electrical plans and curb appeal! Sometimes we get a few that might not be able to envision everything on paper and that's okay. We can provide an extra service of 3D renderings to any part of the project . Now that takes it closer to life!

Bring the Design to Life

After all the fine tuning and details are done our families are ready to move forward and break ground! With our finished residential plan, you and your builder are ready to take it the next phase. (We are not windstorm engineers nor provide those services, but all plans are design to the local and national windstorm codes.)

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Interior Design

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